What’s What – Interface Overview

When you first enter NoteLedge, this is what you will see.


Tap the icon0.1.1_Home_sidebar_expand.PNGand you will see the navigation bar.

Here you can access to your notes on the device, notes on Kdan Cloud, Creative Store, login to view details of your account, and change setting of the app.



To access Kdan Cloud, you will need to sign in from the Account. If you do not have an account, you can register here as well. It’s free!


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    Hello Megumi Mantilla,

    Please try the option of signing in with an email account to see if it works. If the problem still occurs, please contact us at with your Kdan ID or the registered email address and the screenshot of the error for further assistance. Thank you!

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    Megumi Mantilla

    I can not access to my account that I signed up in my iPad with google account. In the app for windows 10, the only options that appear are throught an email account and a Facebook account. How I could sign in to sync my account?

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