What should I do if I got a blank OCR-ed document?

The OCR recognition in the latest PDF Connoisseur has to interact with certain Google services to run its functionality. However, if users are located in the firewall-secured area, it's very likely to get a blank page after applying OCR function.

If users cannot successfully access to the OCR-ed documents, please kindly check the following situations:

  1. Make sure that internet connection works fine and your device is connected to it.
  2. Make sure your device can interact with Google services. For example, you can turn on VPN while using OCR function.


If you have already done the above solutions but the issue still exist, please kindly contact the customer support:

You are welcome to attach the files you'd like to convert/extract in the mail, our colleagues will help you mitigate the issue as soon as they can. 


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