How to scan and edit PDF documents instantly?

A portable document solution is important if you move between different places in your daily work. The need to scan receipts, business cards, and sign contracts often arise when you are out of office. Pocket Scanner and Markup are ready to help you withstand challenging work environments. With these two apps, you can scan, edit and carry all of your documents on the go.

Here we will guide you through the process:

Step 1

Use "Pocket Scanner" cloudapp.png to snap multiple pictures of documents with built-in camera. Tap the Camera icon to start scanning.


Step 2

Save the scans to PDFs by tapping the PDF icon. And use ‘Open-in’ feature to open your PDFs in "Markup."pdf_cloud_icon.png


Step 3

After opening Markup, you can do further annotations on PDFs such as handwriting or adding signatures.You can also split pages and extract images from PDF documents.


Step 4

One last mile to carry the file on the go! Create a flattened copy in __7.jpgmenu and sync your PDFs to the Kdan Cloud in the file management page.



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