How to create stunning animations and movies?

Looking for motivation or ideas on how to make your animation project more vibrant? Write-on Video is a great place to start. Spice up your hand-drawn animations created using Animation Desk, with sounds, animation stickers and more from Write-on Video. Sound good? Check out the following tips telling you what you need to do.


Step 1

Sketch out your ideas in “Animation Desk.” icon_ad_2x.png Create amazing hand-drawn animation frame-by-frame with highquality brushes and onion skinning.



Step 2

Better yet organize and manage your storylines with storyboard (currently only for iPad users).



Step 3

After finishing your animation project in Animation Desk, export it to “Write-on Video” writeon_video_cloud_icon.png with the open-in menu. You can choose to import to current videos or create a new project.



Step 4

Add sound, caption, animated stickers, and transition effects using Write-on Video.




Step 5

Export your project to social media, or upload to Anizone to get more inspiration by exchanging ideas with animators around the world!



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