How to sign on MS Word documents? (Convert to PDF)

Imagine you are outside the office or waiting at the airport for your flight to leave. You receive an email with an agreement in MS Word format. You’re required to sign and hand in the document immediately. Usually, there's no easy way of doing so without MS Office software, but PDF Reader can get the work done right on your iPhone or iPad. Just remember to convert, insert, and flatten.


Step 1- Convert Word to PDF

  1. Copy the attachment to PDF Reader directly from the mail app.
  2. Open the document using PDF Reader
  3. Tap the "Convert" button and select the output format as "PDF". Then tap "Start".
  4. You can check the process in "Task Manager".
  5. The output file will be stored in the “Converted” folder under the Documents tab.




Step 2- Insert Text & Signature

  1. Open the output PDF file.
  2. Fill in the required information with text boxes or your signature.
  3. You can adjust the font, style, or color while inserting text.





Step 3- Flatten the PDF and Share

  1. After finishing editing, tap “Share via” to share the file.
  2. Choose “Flattened Copy” to send out as a new flattened PDF.
  3. Then you can share it via email, AirDrop, or WiFi connection.








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