How to organize multimedia content?

We take notes not only to summarize plans but to relay information and ideas. It’s best when all information is in one place. Perfect your note-taking techniques with these tips on organizing multimedia content.
All the images credited to: Škoda Taiwan.

Step 1

Scan documents in Pocket Scanner.PS_icon.png Crop the edges to clear the borders.


Step 2

Save the scans as PDFs, click the Openin_button.jpgbutton to open in NoteLedge and create a new note.




Step 3

Open Write-on VideoWO_icon.png and import a video from your Photo Album. Trim the video with the scissors and add special effects.


Step 4

Export the video and save it to your Photo Album.


Step 5

Back in NoteLedge appNL_icon.png, switch to edit mode by clicking the mode_button.jpgbutton in the note. Then import the video from your Photo Album.


Step 6

Now the image and video are in your note. Move items to the desired positions using your fingertips. Write down descriptions by typing text or add an audio recording.



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