How to present your work using slideshows?


Whether you are trying to snag that elusive client, ace a class presentation, or commemorate your best friend at their wedding, PDF Markup and NoteLedge have got your back! Check out these useful tips:

Slideshow with PDF Markup pdf_cloud_icon.png

Step 1

Open your PDF document and choose “Slideshow” in the P1_button.jpgmenu.


Step 2

Use your fingertips as a laser pointer on the document.


Step 3

Click P3_button.jpgat the bottom, choose the P3_button2.jpg icon and you can do annotations while in the slideshow mode.


Slideshow with NoteLedge notelegde_cloud_icon.png

Step 1

Open one of your notes in My Notes page.


Step 2

There are two ways to start the slideshow mode:

        #1 Drag up the specific page and click N2_button.jpg


        #2 Open the page and click N2_button.jpg on the upper right.


Step 3

In the slideshow mode, you can use your fingertips as a laser pointer, mark on the notes(the drawings won’t be saved when the slideshow is closed) and clear all the drawings at once.


Step 4

If you have videos in your notes, they can be played directly in the slideshow mode.



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