How to avoid the pop-up message of asking your Apple ID?

1. Go to Settings>iTunes and App Store>Apple ID, and sign out your Apple ID.
2. Double-click the Home button. Then swipe left or right to find the app you'd like to close(using PDF Markup Ultimate as an example).

3. Swipe up to completely close PDF Markup Ultimate. (NOTE: Please do not delete/remove the app from your device)
4. Open PDF Markup Ultimate again.
5. Now it will ask you to enter Apple ID, please enter it and tap "Confirm". 
6. You can go to Settings>iTunes and App Store to see if your Apple ID is in logged-in status.



1. 進入設定>iTunes與App Store>Apple ID,並登出您的Apple ID

2. 雙擊Home鍵並左右滑動找尋您想退出背景執行的App (下列說明將以PDF Markup Ultimate為例)

3. 找到PDF Markup Ultimate後,對螢幕向上滑動,便能將該App完全退出 (請注意此動作僅將App完全關閉,而非將其反安裝)

4. 再次開啟PDF Markup Ultimate

5. 將會彈出要求輸入Apple ID的視窗,輸入後點選確認鍵

6. 當裝置 設定>iTunes與App Store 中確認目前是否為登入狀態


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