Make Good Use of PDF Highlights

From papers to PDFs, we all love to highlight the most valuable content. Most of our users prefer to mark up PDF documents with highlights. We rounded up some special tips provided by our users to help you how to make good use of the PDF highlighter.


  • Hide Text Using Highlights

If you're a student and would like to hide answers from your textbooks while preparing for exams, try to black out the answers with highlights.

  1. Long tap on the highlighter.
  2. Change the color to “Black” with the opacity of 100%.
  3. Select text to black out the content you wish to hide and start reviewing!
  4. Then get an A plus for your exams

(Note: The hidden content can still be found while using text search.)




  • Highlight Text Using Freehand Writing

For smartphone users, some prefer to freehand draw on the PDF file to quickly highlight the content on a small screen.

  1. Open one PDF document.
  2. Long tap on the freehand writing tool and Choose “Marker
  3. Adjust the opacity to around 40% or 50%.Then Happy highlighting!




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