How to make good use of PDF annotations? (Remove, backup & share annotations)


Most of our users prefer to mark up the most important part of PDF documents with annotations, but do they make good use of these annotations? In this month’s pro tips, we are going to tell you all about annotations to let you focus on what really matters.


  • Instantly Remove All Annotations

 Image you receive a PDF file with lots of annotations, and you want to clean up the markups. How would you do it?

  1. Open one annotated PDF and tap “BOTA”.
  2. Tap “A” (Annotation) to view the annotation summary.
  3. Then tap the “Delete” button to remove all of them at once.

(You can’t remove the annotations if they’re flattened to the PDF.)




  • Save & Back up Annotations

 If you have ever accidentally lost all annotations, try to back up annotations. Then you can import them to the original PDF whenever you need.

  1. Tap “A” in the BOTA list to view the annotation summary.
  2. Then tap the “M” icon(Markups) and export the annotations as a separate file.
  3. The file will be stored in “My Markups” folder as an XFDF file.




  • Share Your Annotation Summary

Sending out a complete summary of every annotation you made makes it easier for your friends and co-workers to review all your PDF annotations.

  1. Open one annotated PDF
  2. Tap “Share via” and choose “Summary”.
  3. Then you can send out the annotation summary.







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