How to Create a Bullet Journal

Bullet journal has become one of the most popular note-taking methods because it's easy for reading, organizing key information, and sorting through tasks. Here are some bullet journal tips for you to make good use of the tools NoteLedge offers and organize works efficiently.


Topics & Categories

First, identify the topics and decide how you want to categorize them. Bullet Journal can be very useful for daily to-do-lists, check lists, fitness log, grocery shopping list, brainstorming ideas, etc. Categorize everything and keep it simple. You can add multiple text boxes in NoteLedge and move them around to manage categories with great flexibility.

Personalize Bullets or Numbers

Use different symbols to categorize items or mark the priority of your tasks. For example, you can use "✓" for finished tasks, or use "•" to list bullet points.

NoteLedge provides a variety of symbols and numbers for you to choose from. Insert the text box and you can see all the bullet styles, alignment, and indent options in the rich text editor.


Color Coding

Color coding gives you a clear view of different topics or categories. You can create your own color coding system and allocate color to each task. In addition to changing text color, you can now highlight texts with different color. NoteLedge allows you to save 5 most used color so you can stay consistent with your color coding system.

Annotate Like a Pro

Finished a task? Strike through it! It helps you manage works and gives you a sense of satisfaction when you get things done. Add highlights or underline to mark important tasks. 


Do you find the bullet journal tips useful? Download NoteLedge and try it out for FREE. The feature is available for both iPhone and iPad.




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