How to Create a Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has become one of the most popular journaling and note-taking methods due to its high customizability, meditative nature, and aesthetic. It is very useful for productivity trackers, agendas, and lists. Though bullet journaling has traditionally been a pen-and-paper art, we decided to try it out with NoteLedge. Here are some bullet journal tips for you to make good use of the tools NoteLedge offers!


What to Journal?

A bullet journal is a bit like a personal assistant — it can be a personal diary, to-do list, and daily agenda planner all in one. Ultimately, it’s up to you what to journal, but we have a couple of suggestions if you’re stuck!

  • Many bullet journalers enjoy making agenda “spreads”; these are typically to-do lists and calendars accented with decorations or art according to your personal taste. The spread attached below can be easily done using the many versatile pens on NoteLedge and a picture off of Pinterest (see this link to learn how to directly attach pictures off of the web using the in-app web browser). Alternatively, you can try out the checklist function for easy to-do lists. 



  • Another great journaling idea is to compile pictures and quotes that fit your personal aesthetic. Try incorporating quotes that will inspire you and encourage a positive mindset! You can add NoteLedge’s free stickers, draw your own designs, or add in pictures from the internet to make your quotes more visually appealing.


  • One of the most popular bullet journal ideas is productivity tracking. Log current reads or Netflix shows you’re watching, or track your daily water intake. It’s fun to have a visualizer for your progress and it can also be a great accountability tool! Additionally, you can keep track of your current or future goals and set deadlines. Tracking your progress proves to be easier than ever with the NoteLedge app — never fear losing your journal again when it’s all stored in-app or in Kdan Cloud!



Journaling Tips with NoteLedge

  • The basics of a bullet journal is the dotted grid “bullet” patterned paper. To use this paper style, simply access this link for the instructions.
  • Organize your notes and thoughts by color-coding — it has been proven to boost productivity, relieve stress, and save time. Regardless, color spices up any notes and makes them much more visually appealing!
  • To ensure your bullet journaling is clean, precise, and simple, try connecting a stylus or pen to NoteLedge. Currently, Adonit, Pogo, Apple, and Wacom pens are supported. Learn more here
  • Tired of handwriting? Try using the text function; you can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and formats (bold, highlight, strikethrough)!
  • NoteLedge also offers the option to create a “Journal” and add multiple pages; you can use this to make a cohesive, put-together bullet journal.


Did you find the bullet journal tips useful? Want to try it out for yourself? Download NoteLedge and try it out for FREE on iPhone or iPad. 




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