Import Email Attachments & Downloaded Files to PDF Reader

In this month’s pro tip, we’re going to take you back to the basics - “How to import Files”. This is one of the most mentioned comments on the Google Play Store. We rounded up these two basic features to help you get files easily.


  • Import Email Attachments 

Imagine you are outside the office, and you receive an email with an agreement that you’re required to sign up and hand in the document immediately.

  1. Open an email and tap on the attachment you need.
  2. Choose “PDF Reader” from the pop-up menu to open with.
  3. Then you can view and edit the PDF attachment with PDF Reader.
  4. The file will be automatically saved to the “Documents” tab in PDF Reader. If not, try to reopen PDF Reader.

(Note: You can set “ALWAYS” open with PDF Reader. Then you will skip the step 2 every time you need to view the attachments.)




  • Import Downloaded Documents

Searching downloaded files is like a pain in your head. If you have had this same experience before, try to search files using PDF Reader.

  1. Download the file and go to the “Local Folder” tab.
  2. Choose “FILE TYPE” and tap “Downloads” (or tap on the “SD CARD” tab) to search the files you downloaded.
  3. You can edit the documents using PDF Reader’s tools, but the document will still stay where it was originally located.

(Note: You can move them to PDF Reader by tapping the “Edit” button on the top right corner.)






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