iOS11 Supports & Improvements - Scan to PDF & Freehand Writing

Are you enjoying how perfectly PDF Reader works the the exciting new iOS11?  In this month’s pro tip, we’re going to introduce the recent improvements in PDF Reader.


  • PDF Scanner – Auto Edge Detection

In the latest update, we enhanced the automatic edge detection for a fast and accurate scanning of any paper document.

  1.        Switch to the "Scanner" tab and enable the edge detector.
  2.        Place the document in the camera’s view.
  3.        It will detect the edges of the document.
  4.        Hold still to capture the scan and then tap “Confirm” to create a new project.




  • Freehand Writing – Opacity

For iPhone users, some prefer to freehand draw on the PDF file to quickly highlight the content on a small screen.

  1.         Open one PDF document.
  2.         Long tap on the "Freehand Writing" tool and Choose “Marker
  3.         Adjust the opacity to around 40% or 50%.
  4.         Then happy highlighting!




  • Freehand Writing - Eraser

In addition, you can use the eraser tool to remove parts of your writing.

  1.        Simply tap on the "Eraser" tool from the panel.
  2.        Swipe with your finger or stylus to erase the content.





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