iOS 11 drag & drop updates - drag images, text & files from or to another app

Are you enjoying how perfectly PDF Markup works the the exciting new iOS11? In this month’s pro tip, we’re going to introduce the new features that take full advantage of iOS 11 capability.


  • Attach Images or Text

With iOS 11 Drag & Drop, you can quickly move text, images, and files from and to PDF Markup (using the Safari app as an example).

  1. Run PDF Markup and Safari in multi-tasking split screen.
  2. Open one PDF using PDF Markup and browse the web in Safari
  3. Drag images or selected text from Safari to the PDF file.
  4. Now you can edit text or adjust the size of images.




  • Drag Files to Email App

In split-screen mode, you can easily drag files to the Mail app and send them out as an attachment (using the Mail app as an example).


  1. Run PDF Markup and the Mail app.
  2. Drag a file from the file list in PDF Markup to the new draft in the Mail app.
  3. The file will be saved as an attachment.

(You have to create a flattened copy if you want to make the annotated file uneditable.)




  • Drag Files from Files App

In iOS11, the new Files app enables you to browse all files stored in your device, and you can drag files to PDF Markup with ease.

  1. Run PDF Markup and the Files app.
  2. Drag a file from iCloud Drive or another app (Locations) to PDF Markup
  3. Then the file will be saved to the file list.






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