How to Convert PDF to Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint, Excel, ePUB, HTML, and Text files


Copying and pasting from your PDF to create a Word document could be time consuming. The PDF to Word converter enables you to convert PDF back to the original file format instead of re-creating the document from scratch in Microsoft Word.


1. Open one PDF and tap “Converter ic_service_task_converter.png )” on the left menu bar.




2. Swipe left or right to choose the output file format and start the conversion. PDF Reader now supports PDF to .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, xlsx, .html, .rtf, .txt, and .epub conversions.




3. Then you can check the status from within the "Task Manager" section. (See How to Manage Your Faxes and Conversions)




4. Once the conversion is completed, the output file will be saved in the “Converted” folder on Kdan Cloud, and it can be accessible from any PDF Reader app.




4. Go to the "Kdan Cloud ( UWP_Home_Kdan_Cloud.png )" tab and find the output file. Download it to the PDF Reader app.




5. Switch to the "Documents ( UWP_Home_Docs.png )" tab for the output file you just downloaded. Right-click on the file and choose "Save as" to export it to a destination folder on your device for further editing.




Note: Each PDF document costs one (1) Kdan Credits to convert to one selected format. If you would like to purchase more Kdan Credits, tap the “Recharge” option on the bottom. (See How to Recharge Kdan Credits)



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