How to Edit Note Profile


The video shows how to add or edit note profile.


Edit note name

1. Tap the note name

2. Edit and enter the new name


Edit description

1. Tap and add note description


Add tags

1. Tap + to add tags

2. Enter a new tag, or choose from the existing tags.


Protect the note with a password

1. Tap the "lock" button.

2. Enter a new password to lock the note.

3. To remove password, tap the lock again to reset password. Leave the new password blank to remove password.


Share note via "Open in"

1. Share notes via AirDrop

2. Open the note in another app.

3. For printing or other sharing options, please follow the instructions within the "Open in" menu.


NoteLedge offers more options for you to share and manage notes. Read along and learn more about it! 

-Auto-sync with Cloud services.

-Add notes to your Apple or Google Calendar.

-Convert notes to different formats.

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