Special Notes for NoteLedge Premium Users

NoteLedge Premium had been retired from Apple Store. May we suggest you download NoteLedge (Free version) or NoteLedge Ultimate for having better ways to stay organized and record beautiful moments in your life.

Please download the app here:


How to Transfer the Covers and Stickers I Purchased?

△ As NoteLedge Cloud is a new app, it is not allowed to transfer the items you purchased from NoteLedge Premium. You can download NoteLegde Cloud and start a free trial of Creativity 365(including all stickers, brushes, and covers) within the app.  


How to Transfer My Files?

△ NoteLedge Premium allows you to upload the files to Kdan Cloud or another Cloud Storage.

Upload on the "Notes" List

1. Tap the circle Kdan Cloud icon at left side to sign in and you can select the files to sync to Kdan Cloud.

2. Tap the cloud icon in the top-right, sign in any Cloud Storage and you can select files to upload.

Download on NoteLedge Cloud

1. Sign in your Kdan Cloud on NoteLedge Cloud

2. Go to Kdan Cloud list and download notes

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