How to Organize Your Notes

This video shows how to manage your notes efficiently and stay organized with NoteLedge.

Create a new note

1. Tap + to create a new note.

2. You will be able to edit name, change cover, or add tags from the note profile.

Please refer to "How to Edit Note Profile" and "How to Change Note Cover" for more details.

Remove or duplicate notes

1. Tap the "Edit" button.

2. Select the notes you'd like to duplicate, and tap the "Duplicate" button.

3. Select the notes you want to delete, and tap the "Trash can" button. Once deleted, the note cannot be recovered.

Hint: You can only duplicate the notes saved on your device. If you want to duplicate notes saved on the cloud, which look transparent, please download them first.

Sort your notes 

1. Sort by name, size, date, or file type.

2. The order will change accordingly.

Search notes 

1. Enter keywords and search notes by name.

2. Search by tags, or choose a recommended tag.

3. You can choose multiple tag at once to find the note you want.

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