How to Rotoscope – Draw Animation with the Help of Video Camera

Making rotoscope animation is easy with Animation Desk. Rotocoping is a common technique to capture and movement of a characters with the help of the real life scene.

If you are interested to know more about this technique, please read on "SECRET WEAPON FOR ANIMATORS: ROTOSCOPING".


You need to have a video to make rotoscope animations. Choose “Import Video” when adding a new sequence.


 Choose a clip.


Click on “Rotoscoping” in the button of the window.



Animation Desk breaks the video in to frames, and imports these frames into your sequence. You can start to create animations base on the frames. 



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    The video import is so washed out when rotoscope is selected that much of the image is lost. An ability to adjust the brightness/contrast or opacity of the original video would be a nice addition. As it stands, I have to preadjust the opacity of my videos before importing them to animation desk. Your roto isn’t quite usable:( Otherwise, great app!

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    Hello, thank you for the feedback on the rotoscope. I have forwarded your suggestions to the team. Thanks!


    Gina, Customer Support Team


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