How to Use Screen Recording in Slideshow Mode

NoteLedge allows you to record on-screen activities and narrations in slideshow mode. Save your presentation as a video and share with others. Or record your rehearsals and refine your presentation when practicing. With this new feature, NoteLedge is the best note-taking app for you to organize thoughts and deliver a better speech!

The slideshow screen recording feature works on all iPad models with iOS 8 and above. No iOS 11 upgrade required. Let's walk you through how to do it!


(This tutorial is for slideshow screen recording only, check out how to use slideshow mode)

1. Enter slideshow mode

Tap the slideshow button to get started


2. Start Recording

Tap the "record button" to start recording all screen activities including laser pointer, annotations, flipping pages, or videos embedded in the slides. You may choose whether to record microphone audio or not.


3. Save as a Video

Tap the "record button" again to stop recording. Save your presentation as a video and share it with others with ease. You may preview the recording before saving.

The video will be saved in the Photo app on your device.



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