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We made a series of tutorials on AniZone, here are the topics and links,

Back to Basics Lesson 1: From Seed to Plant

Back to Basics Lesson 2: Flying Bees

Back to Basics Lesson 3: Space Flight

Back to Basics Lesson 4: Gliding Car

Back to Basics Lesson 5: Fruits and Veg! Action!

Back to Basics Lesson 6: Squash and Stretch


Here some helpful websites and Youtube channels that we loved.

AMB Animation Academy

AMB sells online animation courses, but it also provide substantial animation tutorials on Youtube. The videos covers from drawing techniques, xsheet, and other animation concepts.

Draw with Jazza

We enjoy the drawing tutorial by Jazza. You can learn from the very basic stickman drawings to advanced human body posture.


Alan gives us a very good examples on the 12 principles. We like his videos because it's practical and easy to understand.

Animation Resources

Animation Resources offers a lot of classic animation clips along with the frame-by-frame anatomy.  Informative and fun.


Do you have any animation ideas and tips to share with us? Comment below or drop us a message on Facebook

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