What is Kdan ID?

Kdan ID for Animation Desk Users

You can unlock several brushes, drawing tools, and 500MB free backup storage with a free Kdan ID. Kdan Cloud provides an easy way not only to backup your animation sequence, but also to share and transfer animation sequences among different devices.


By signing up for a Kdan ID, you will also receive a newsletter delivered by the Animation Desk team. The newsletter covers topics like mini-challenge announcements, competition announcements, discount offers, as well as cool works from the community. If you don’t want to receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe the newsletter later.


Kdan ID for Animation Desk Pro Subscribers

You don’t need a Kdan ID to subscribe to the service, but a Kdan ID will help you better manage your subscription record.  If you encounter any problem with the subscription, a Kdan ID makes it a lot easier for our customer support team to process the request. 


You will also be granted a 500GB backup storage if you sign up a Kdan ID along with your Animation Desk Pro subscription. 


Kdan ID for Creativity 365 Subscribers

You have to sign up a Kdan ID in order to activate the Creativity 365 service pack. Creativity 365 is a cross-platform service. We need to identify your subscription across multiple devices with your Kdan ID.  You will be granted with 1TB Kdan Cloud storage with the service pack.

Kdan ID and AniZone

Kdan ID is also your ID for AniZone. Log in to your account on AniZone, and start creating your animation portfolio.


How to sign up for a Kdan ID

Go to “Settings” > account > Sign in to sign in or sign up a Kdan ID.

You can also sign up a Kdan ID in the “Kdan Cloud” tab.

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