How to Start a New Animation Project

Tap “New Project” or  0.2_icon_new_project.png on the navigation bar, and you will be taken to the project setting screen.


Setting options:

Blank: Set the background of your project as white or choose a color from the color palette. This color will be the background color of the entire project.

Video: Import a video from your device to the background or one of the layers to jump start your animation project. After you select a video, the Project Length below will show how many frames there are in this video. Check the box of “Rotoscoping” if you wish to. Learn about Rotoscoping.

Image: You can also select an image as the background of your project. This image will be the background of the entire project.

Frames: Setup how many frames you want to have in this project. You can always add more frames or delete some frames after you start the project.

FPS: Frame Per Second, meaning the number of frames there are in each second of this project. Given a set frame number, the bigger the FPS, the shorter this animation is, and vice versa. FPS can be set in between 1 to 24 in Animation Desk. You can always change this setting after you start the project.


After all the settings, tap “START” on the top, and you can start creating!


* Each new project will have its default name as “New Project.” Learn how to rename your project.

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