How to Start a New Animation Sequence

Tap “New Sequence” or  0.2_icon_new_project.png on the navigation bar, and you will be taken to the sequence setting screen.



Setting options:

Blank: Set the background of your sequence as white or choose a color from the color palette. This color will be the background color of the entire sequence.

Video: Import a video from your device to the background or one of the layers to jump start your animated sequence. After you select a video, the Sequence Length below will show how many frames there are in this video. Check the box of “Rotoscoping” if you wish to. Learn about Rotoscoping.


Image: You can also select an image as the background of your sequence. This image will be the background of the entire sequence.

AD: If you have an .ad file (an AD package, the native file format of Animation Desk) that you’ve saved on your PC or device, you can select the file and import it directly into Animation Desk.

Frames: Setup how many frames you want to have in this sequence. You can always add more frames or delete some frames after you start the sequence.

FPS: Frame Per Second, meaning the number of frames there are in each second of this sequence. Given a set frame number, the bigger the FPS, the shorter this animation is, and vice versa. FPS can be set in between 1 to 24 in Animation Desk. You can always change this setting after you start the sequence. Learn more about FPS settings


After all the settings, tap “START” on the top, and you can start creating!


* Each new sequence will have its default name as “Project.” You can change the name when you create the new sequence, or use the default name and change the name later. Learn how to rename your sequence.

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