Color Palette, Eyedropper, and HSV Color Scheme

Expand the Brush tool bar by tapping on 4.3_icon_expand.png. Then click on the color wheel to open the Color Palette. You can adjust colors from here.



Personalize your color selections: You can add frequently-used colors to your selections by tapping on 4.3_icon_palette.PNG. Tap on “+” to add, and “-“ to delete the color(s) you don’t want.

HSV Color Scheme: Switch between your personalized color selections and HSV color scheme by tapping on 4.3_icon_HSV.PNG and 4.3_icon_palette.PNG.

Eyedropper (Color-picker): Tap on 4.3_icon_eyedropper.PNG to pick up any color on the canvas. Simply aim the center of the eyedropper on the color you like and continue drawing.




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