How to Use the Layers

Animation Desk for Windows supports one background layer and eight (8) drawing layers.

To manage layers, tap on the layer icon icon_layer.png on the bottom-left toolbar. The layers will show on the left side of the canvas.


* Layers 3~8 are available for subscribers to Creativity 365. (See how Creativity 365 can help you streamline your work.)


The layer icon shows with an upper-case number to indicate which layer you are on:

4.8_layer_0_bg.PNG L0: means you are currently drawing on the Background layer.

4.8_layer_1.PNG L1: means you are currently drawing on the Layer 1.

4.8_layer_2.PNG L2: means you are currently drawing on the Layer 2.

The same goes with Layers 3~8.


To insert an image to any layer, select a layer and click on the 4.8_icon_layer_image.PNG on the top tool bar to insert image to and choose an image. 

* Note: When you insert an image to the background layer, the image will show up on all the frames in this project.


To clear the drawing on any layer, click on the 4.8_icon_layer_clear.PNG on the top tool bar to clear. A dialogue will appear to ask you to confirm your action. Tap “OK” if you want to clear the drawing and image on the layer.

* The selected layer will have yellow surrounding (as shown below).



To show or hide a layer, click on the “Eye” icon on top of the layer you want to show or hide:

4.8_icon_layer_show.PNG means the layer is showing on the frame you are editing now.

4.8_icon_layer_hide.PNG means the layer is hidden on the frame you are editing now.


To change the layer order, tap on the icon_draglayer.PNG in front of the each layer to drag the layer up and down to the order of your liking. 


To rename a layer, select a layer and tap on the icon_layer_rename.PNG on top of the layer bar. Type in a new name once the "Rename the Layer" dialogue pops up.


See how to change layer order and rename a layer:

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    Shonte' Potts

    This was very help because sometimes I get mixed up on my layers.

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    Joss Yo

    Is there a way to merge layers?

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