How to Convert Your Sequences to Different Formats

Note: Sequences need to be stored on Kdan Cloud to be able to convert to other formats.

Go to Kdan Cloud. Right click (or long press on touch screen) on the sequence you want to convert and select “Convert” from the dropdown menu.

Choose the format you want the sequence to convert to, and tap “Start.”

You can also choose to convert by using 0_icon_select.png on the tool bar, and select “Covert” or 0.3_icon_convert.png to access sequence converter.

You will find the converted file in the Task Manager. You can check the status of the conversion, save the file to your device, or share the file via email or to social media platforms.

If you want to delete tasks from the Task Manager, tap 0_icon_select.png and select the tasks you want to delete, and tap 4.8_icon_layer_clear.PNG.

Each sequence costs one (1) Kdan Credit to convert to one selected format. If you would like to purchase more Kdan Credits, tap the “Recharge” option on Converter.


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