How to Design Custom Greeting Cards with Templates?

In this holiday season, we've prepared a collection of greeting card templates that you can customize with your own pictures and personalized message.

Download Templates from NoteTube

  1. Open NoteLedge app to tap the "NoteTube" tab at the top of file manager.
  2. Download the "Holiday Greeting Cards" template from NoteTube. (Find out how to download note templates from NoteTube.)


Personalize Your Greeting Card

Open the "Holiday Greeting Cards" notebook you downloaded from NoteTube. You may find Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Chinese New Year (It's the Dog year!), and Happy Holiday card templates in the notebook. Tap the page and get started.


  • Customize your message: Write a personal message or draw something sweet and fun with the brushes and text editor.
  • Add photos from Facebook: Open Facebook from the built-in web clipper. Add photos from your Facebook account to the greeting card. (Learn more about how to use the web clipper)
  • add_photos_from_Facebook.PNG
  • Add photos or videos from Photos: Add photos directly from the media toolbar. For iOS 11 users, you can open the Photos app in a slide over mode, and drag and drop to add photos or videos to the template. The browsing and drag and drop experience is really awesome!
  • Drag_and_drop_photos_from_iOS_11_slide_over.jpg
  • Record an audio or video clip: Record a video of how you spent the holidays or add an audio clip of you singing a special song along with your greeting card message. 
  • Add stickers: Spice up your cards with 200+ sticker NoteLedge has to offer. Learn more about how to add stickers.

Send the Message

Send the greeting card to your loved ones via email, messenger, or share it on social media with all your friends. Simply tap the share button on the upper-right corner and share the card as an image.


Preview the holiday greeting card templates 


Do you like the greeting cards? Download NoteLedge and try it out for FREE.

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