How to Transfer Your Projects from Animation Desk Classic?

If you are using Window 10, we encourage you to download Animation Desk for Windows 10. The animation works you’ve been doing on Animation Desk Classic can transfer easily to the new app!


Use Kdan Cloud to transfer your projects

The easiest way to transfer your projects from to Animation Desk for Windows 10 is through Kdan Cloud.

On Animation Desk Classic, log in to your Kdan account. If you don’t have one, sign up for free and you will receive a 500MB of free cloud storage. (See How to Get Kdan Cloud Service)

Tap on the Cloud icon next to each of your projects to upload them to Kdan Cloud.




After uploading all the projects, go to Animation Desk for Windows 10 and log in to your Kdan account. Download them all or choose the ones you want and continue editing!


Use AD Package to Import into Animation Desk for Windows 10

On Animation Desk Classic, right click anywhere and choose “Select All” on the tool bar that pops up on the bottom.

Tap “Export” and then “Project” from the menu. And choose a destination on your device to save these projects.



Go to the destination and right click on these projects you just saved. Choose “Open with” and then select “Animation Desk” (the one with the yellow background logo). These projects will then appear in your Animation Desk for Windows 10!




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