What is Onion Skinning and How to Use It?

What is Onion Skinning?

Onion skinning is a technique from 2D computer graphics that allows animators to see several frames at once. That way, the animator can make decisions or edits based on how the previous frames are drawn. This feature comes in handy when you are creating even a simple sketching of a storyboard and allows you to create animations like a pro!


How to Use Onion Skinning in Animation Desk

Turn on the Onion Skin feature by tapping on the lightbulb sign 4.5_icon_lightbulb.PNG under the color palette, on the lower-right side of the canvas.

Three Onion Skin Ranges are available for you to choose depending on how you want your frames to show:

  • Previous two frames.
  • Previous and next frames
  • Next two frames.


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