How to Apply Note Templates

NoteLedge provides a variety of paper style for different note-taking methods, including Cornell notes template, calendar, graph paper, dot paper and more. Follow the steps to chance paper styles and apply note templates.

  1. In editing more, tap ⋯ on the upper right corner for more options. Choose "paper style".
  2. Choose landscape or portrait based on your preference. Download the paper style for free.
  3. Choose the paper style you like, and apply the template to your note. 


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    Claire Forbes

    Is this only for the iPad version, as I cannot get it to work on my iPhone 7

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    Hi Claire,

    Applying note templates is not supported on iPhone version currently.

    Due to the user interface of iPhone, it will be hard if you take notes with the templates.

    If you have any further concerns, please contact us at

    We are always happy to give you assistance.

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