Bookmarks, Outlines, Thumbnails, and Annotations (BOTA)

To access the BOTA toolbar, tap on the 0.3_icon_bota.png icon in the top left corner.

In the BOTA toolbar, from left to right, it shows bookmarks, outlines, thumbnails of all the pages in this document, and annotations and comments.

If you want to view BOTA constantly, you can pin the toolbar by tapping on the pin icon 0.3_icon_BOTA_pin.PNG.



All the bookmarks you have marked in this document will be shown in the bookmark tab.

To add a bookmark, tap the bookmark icon 0.3_icon_bookmark.PNG in the lower lefthand toolbar on the page you would like to bookmark. A dialogue will appear for you to name this bookmark. The default name of the bookmark will be "Page #."  

To rename a bookmark, tab on the pencil icon next to the bookmark and type in a new name.



To sort bookmarks, tab on 0.3_icon_bookmark_sort.PNG. You can sort by Date the bookmarks were established, Name, or by Pages the bookmarks are on.


If the document you are viewing has a set outline, it will be shown here. If the document does not include a set outline, this tab will appear blank.


You can see all the pages of this document in a list of thumbnails in this tab, so you can easily jump between pages while you are reading the document.


You can find all the annotations (highlight, underline, strikeout) and comments you made throughout the document, so it’s easier to jump between them when you want to quickly review the document.


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    Michael Vignal

    I am losing bookmarks. Only the bookmarks I made the last time I had the document opened persist. 

    I will add bookmarks and close the document. When I open the document again, the bookmarks are there. If I add more, there is no problem, but the next time I open the document, only the newest bookmarks will be saved. I am using PDF Reader while running windows 10.

    Thank you.

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    Hello Michael Vignal,

    For this issue, could you please contact us at with your Kdan ID and the file for testing and further assistance?

    We are sorry for causing any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

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