How to Take Better Notes with Cornell Notes Template

 Cornell notes is recognized as the most efficient note taking method for studying. taking notes, and reviewing systematically. With the powerful multimedia tools, NoteLedge makes the best note taking app for Cornell notes. Read along and learn more about how to use Cornell notes in NoteLedge to help you study.

Apply Cornell notes template

First, apply Cornell notes template by tapping (more options) on the upper right corner and change paper style. The templates are available in both landscape and portrait mode.

Learn how to apply note templates.


Take Notes

Leave the largest section for taking notes from reading, lectures, meeting or brainstorming. You can:

  • Type up key notes. Keep the notes simple and focus only on the key points. Paraphrase in your own words instead of transcribing.
  • Make quick sketch or highlight the most important parts with the brushes
  • Record multiple audio clips from lectures or meetings. Add a tag to help you find related clips - Very useful for language learning!
  • Add photos or videos 
  • Collect information from the Internet, and trace back web references instantly
  • Instantly flip to the next page for a different subject

Questions and Key Points

The left section is for you to list questions and keywords from this subject. When reviewing the materials, you can cover the right note-taking column and ask yourself questions to test your knowledge 


Read the notes and essential questions on the top section and use your own words to summarize your findings. This can quickly help you review after class or before exams.



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