Import and Create Animation with PSD (Photoshop)

PSD files can be imported to Animation Desk through your Animation Desk Folder. If you are running Animation Desk on iOS 11 or above, you can also import the PSD file via iOS folder.

In this post, we will show you how to view your Animation Desk Folders in iTunes. To import any PSD file to Animation Desk, please add the PSD File to Animation Desk Folders first. 

  1. Connect your iPad with iTunes.


2. Go to Animation Desk folder in iTunes. And drag the PSD file into the folder.

1.5.2.png3. Back to Animation Desk, choose "Import PSD" in adding new sequence.

1.5.3.png4. Choose to import files from Animation Desk Folder.

1.5.4.png5. Import a PSD layer to a new animation sequence. You can choose to import the PSD files on a specific layer.



Screenshot 1: Photoshop Layers that are not Reversed

Layer 1- layer 20 become frame 1- frame 20.  


Screenshot 2: Photoshop Layers Reversed

Layer 1- layer 20 become frame 20- frame 1  


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