iAniMagic 2019: How to Submit to iAniMagic animation contest

What is iAniMagic?

iAniMagic is a fun, vibrant, and free animation contest hosted by AniZone. It has attracted artists from over 70 nations, and collected nearly 700 submissions since 2011. The contest is open to everyone and participants can use any software to create their animations.

There is no submission fee.


Before you submit, check whether you’ve meet all the requirements of the contest!

  • Video length: Make sure your video is at least 15 seconds long, and no longer than 30 seconds.
  • Theme: iAniMagic 2019 theme is “Animal Party.” Make sure your animation is relevant to the theme.
  • Application: The animation must be made with Animation Desk app. You can download them from here.
  • Copyright: Make sure your own the copyright of the image and sound you use.



To submit to the contest

From the "Sequence" tab, right click on the sequence you want to upload, and select “iAniMagic” from the dropdown menu.


In the pop-up screen, fill in the information requested, and tab “Upload.”


You can also choose to upload by using 0_icon_select.png on the tool bar, and select “iAniMagic” or 7.4_iAniMagic_icon.png to start the upload.

Our staff will verify the submission so it'll take a while for it to appear on AniZone. :)


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