Submit Videos to iAniMagic Animation Contest

Here is a brief check list to go through before you submit your work,

  1. Copyright: Check any music, images, or other medias, make sure you don't infringe any copyright.
  2. The video length: Please refer to the submission guidelines, and make sure your video is not too short or too long. Usually the minimal length is 15 seconds.
  3. Contest Theme: Please make sure if the contest sets up a theme (for example: you need to use certain frame as your starting frame, or your work need to follow the certain theme)

Here is how to submit your videos,

  1. Tap on "Export" in the sequence manager. Choose "iAniMagic"


  1. Please fill out the form. Introduce your animations to the judges will be very helpful. Adding tags so the audience can easily search your works. All fields here are required fields, please fill them all before uploading.


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