How to Add a Bookmark to a PDF File

Note: PDF Reader for iPhone offers users two ways to add bookmarks.

Approach 1- Using Navigation Toolbar

1. Go to the page you want to add a bookmark and tap the "more options icon" on the navigation toolbar.

2. Tap  , the current page will be bookmarked.

3. You can see all the bookmarks you've added by tapping the “View B/O/T” icon   on the toolbar.

4. To see bookmarks listed by Name/Date/Page, tap.


Approach 2 - Adding Directly

1. Find the target page, tap and hold on the screen for two seconds.

2. The function menu will pop up; you can tap “Bookmark” to add a new bookmark at that page.

Δ Attention: Files within the "Inbox" folder are not allowed to be annotated. Please move the files to other folders to annotate them.

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