How to Free Handwrite on PDFs

1. Go to the page you would like to edit and hold the  icon on the annotation toolbar.

2. Select “Pencil” for slender lines or select “Marker” for broad strokes.
3. You will be able to sign your name or draw any markups on the screen with your finger.

4. After editing, you can either choose to "Save" the result or tap “Clear” to delete the markup. 

5. You can change the color/ thickness/ opacity or add a note by tapping the markup you have made. While the markup selected, you can adjust its size and position as well.

Δ Attention: If you want to view the annotated file on other apps, please make sure the annotation feature is supported as well. If this feature is not supported, the annotations will not be displayed. 

Solution: For other apps which do not support the annotation feature, you need to create a flattened copy in order to view the annotations. Please refer to "How to Flatten PDF. "

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