How to Add/Delete Signatures

PDF Reader allows you to create a signature and add it to the PDF Document.


Getting to Edit

From Toolbar

  • Go to the page where you’d like to add a signature. 
  • Tap   on the toolbar. 

Direct Way

  • Tap and hold on the page
  • The pop-up menu will appear, tap on "Signature."

Add Signatures

1. You may add a new signature by tapping "Create Signature" .

2. You will be directed to a page where you can select the color and use your finger to input your signature. Tap on “Done” when you are finished.

3. The available signature(s) will be displayed on the page. To add a signature, simply tap on it. The signature will appear on the page of the PDF document. You can resize or move the signature.

4. To delete a saved signature, get to Edit again then tap  .

7. Select the signature(s) that you’d like to delete and tap .  

Delete signature from document

△ Attention: Due to the protection feature of PDF Reader, in order to remove signatures, all signatures will be removed once the action is triggered.

1. Tap the more options icon on the navigation bar.

2. Select "Clear Signature" to delete ALL signatures on the PDF file.

3. Tap "OK" to confirm choice.

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