How to Sync Files with iCloud (For iOS 5 or Later!)

Note: To activate the iCloud service, please make sure your device runs iOS 5 or later. Please visit the LINK to learn how to set up iCloud.

1. Go to General Settings  of your device and set up your iCloud account.

2. Go to "File Viewer" under the Settings of PDF Reader and enable the iCloud service.

3. The iCloud folder will be shown on the file list once you finish setting.

4. You can simply sync your files with iCloud by copying and pasting files to the iCloud folder.

5. Tap "Edit" at the top of the file library and you will see a check box listed in front of each file/folder.
6. Find the particular file/folder you want to sync with iCloud, tap the check box next to the file, and tap “Copy”  or “Move”  at the menu.

7. Find the iCloud folder from the pop-up menu and tap "Paste", the file will immediate be moved/copied to your iCloud account.

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