How to Add/Edit/Move a Text Box

Note: PDF Reader for iPad offers users two ways to add text boxes. 

Approach 1: Using Annotation Toolbar

1. Go to the page you want to add a text box and tap the "Text box" icon   at the annotation bar.  

2. Tap an area on the page where you want to add a text box to and input your text. Tap anywhere on the screen to save the textbox.  

3. You can tap the text box to adjust the size and position. 

4. You can also edit the text through the annotation toolbar by tapping “Edit”. You can also change the font style, color and opacity.  

5. You are also allowed to delete or copy the markup.

Approach 2: Adding from the Pop-up Menu  

1. Tap the screen and hold it for 2 seconds, you’ll see the pop-up menu.  

2. Tap “Text” to add a text box into the PDF page.        

To edit the text box: 

1. Tap the box and you will see a pop up menu bar with 3 options, including Edit, Copy and Delete.

2. Tap "Edit" to edit the texts inside the box.


To move the text box:

1. Tap the box you want to move and you'll see a bounding box surrounds the text box you tapped.

2. Simply drag the box to the desired location.


Attention: Files within the "Inbox" folder are not allowed to be annotated. Please move the files to other folders to annotate them. △

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