How to Convert PDF to Microsoft Office, Image, HTML, XML or Text file


Note: Please make sure that you have subscribed to Document 365 and signed in with your account.  

PDF Reader offers users two options to access the file converter:



Option 1 - From the Top Menu


1. Open a PDF and tap the "Kdan Cloud" ( View_PDFs_Kdan_Cloud_icon.PNG )button. Then Choose "Convert" ( Converter_icon.PNG ).



2. Select the output file format you want to convert to and tap "Start" to begin the process.


3. The output file will be saved to the "Converted" folder.

Option 2 - From the Drop-Down Menu


1. Go to the file list.

2. In thumbnails view, tap on the arrow在 under each file to reveal the drop-down menu.



3. Choose "Convert" and select an output file format to start converting.





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