How to Scan Documents into a PDF File

Scan Documents into a PDF File in scanner mode.  

1.  To enter scanner mode, tap on the "Scanner & OCR" button on the main "Office Toolset" tab.

2.  Take a picture of your document.

3.  Tap “Done” when you are done scanning. You will be brought to an overview of your newly scanned documents.

4.  You can import images from the Photo library by clicking "Album" in the lower right corner of the camera function. You can also add more images via the built-in camera by tapping the camera button on the "Scanner" page. 

6.  Before exporting to a PDF file, you may adjust the layout, margin, abstract by clicking on the preview of your photo.

7.  Tap the three dots in the top right corner to sort/arrange the scanned images. Simply drag the items to rearrange them.


8.  While editing the photo/scan, you can click the three dots in the righthand side bar menu to input additional info about the file.


9.  Tap the "PDF" icon in the righthand side bar menu.


10. Name the PDF file and tap the "Done" button in the upper right corner.

11. The PDF file will be saved to your file library in the "Documents" tab. 


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