How to Send PDF Files via Emails (Send PDFs as email attachments)

△ PDF Reader offers you two ways to send files via email. 


Approach 1: Send in File-Viewing Mode

1. If you would like to send out a file while viewing it, please tap the "more options"  icon (while in file-viewing mode).

2. Tap "Share Via."


 3. Select which format you would like to share your PDF in. 


4. Select "Mail" or "Gmail" and send your files accordingly.

Approach 2: Send in the File Library

You can also select the file you want to mail out in the file library

1. Go to the "Documents" tab to see your file library.

2. Tap on the drop-down menu for the specific file you would like to mail.


3. Tap "Share" and mail your files through "Mail" or "Gmail."


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