How to Download Projects from AniZone

Not all animations or attachments on AniZone are downloadable on AniZone. Check if there is an attachment button below the video, if so, you can click on the button to download the attachment.

Download attachment on AniZone Web

Download animations, scripts, posters or other attachments uploaded by other creators.


Download Ad.Package in Animation Desk

  1. Get to AniZone on Animation Desk.

  2. Tap the video you like, you will get into the player.

  3. You can find the download icon in the left-bottom of the video. Tap it to start downloading.


  1. You must agree on the policies before downloading the files. You can see the download status on the top of the navigation bar.


  1. Once the download is completed, it will be unzip and imported to Animation Desk.


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