Access your animations even when you can't open the app

You can view your Animation Desk Folder via iTunes, and save your project between iDevices and your desktop. Or view the Animation Desk folder under the iOS folder if you are using iOS 11 or above.

If you are unable to open the app, please DO NOT delete the app. When the app is deleted, the files and the animation sequences in the app will be deleted too. 

1. Connect your device with your desktop. Check “Animation Desk”, and then check on the device icon.




2. Click “Save As” to save your project to your desktop. You can copy any project from your computer to your iPhone or iPad as well.

3. If you want to add PSD files into Animation Desk, click "Add File" and select to import.

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    Trevor Downie

    Why do I only see one project in this window when I have multiple?

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    Hello Trevor,

    Please make sure you have exported your projects as AD package.

    Refer to:

    Thank you!

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    Mark Pecoraro

    Why not make the AD folder accessible in the files app? That would actually be the easiest way to share between desktop and idevices.

    If im drawing in adobe sketch and then want to bring in the psd its really annoying to have to wait until I go home to connect to itunes first. 



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    Hello Mark, thanks for the feedback. It's a very helpful suggestion, and we are looking into different ways to improve the PSD import procedure. Stay tuned for the future updates with us. Thanks!

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