Export Animation Videos


v8.5 and above:

Please go to the “Sequence” tab. In the grid view, please expand the menu and select “Export”. In the gallery view, please tap the “Export" icon. 

Learn how to switch between the grid view and gallery view 





Select “Videos” as your export format. Pick an aspect of ration. The app will trim the screens to make the video fit in the aspect ratio selected.


Videos will be saved in your photo library. You can also open the videos within other apps. 


Before v8.4:

1. On the page of all project, find the project you want and tap "export."
2. Choose "Animation Desk Document," or "Photos",  "Email" as the destination.
3. Tap "Video," and you can choose the screen ratio.

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    lab space

    Does not work. Need to fix ASAP!

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    Hi There!

    It would be better if you can specify more details about your questions.

    Which destination have you chose to export? Did you receive any error messages in app?

    You're welcomed to get further help by contacting

    Thank you!



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