How to Add a Sticky Note

Note: PDF Reader offers users two ways to add sticky notes to PDFs


Approach 1: Using Annotation Toolbar 

1.  Open one PDF and tap  on the annotation tool bar to turn on the function.

2.  Tap on any place of the PDF to add a sticky note. Then you will see a pop up window.
3.  Enter text in the blank chart and tap  to save the note.

4.  The note you just add will appear as a red conversation box ().  

△ You can move the note afterwards by tapping, holding and dragging the note icon.

Approach 2: Adding from the Pop-up Menu


1.  Tap and hold on the spot where you wish to add a sticky note. Then a pop-up menu will show up. 

2.  Tap "Note" to add a sticky note. 

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