How to Transfer My Projects to Animation Desk Cloud?

As part of our product line strategies, we have decided to remove the free version of Animation Desk from App Store by the end of December 2016. You can download the latest version - Animation Desk Cloud for free from App Store, and transfer all your animations to the new version via the one-tap transfer function. Here's how.

*This change will not affect Animation Desk Premium users, we will still be updating the premium version.*

The app will automatically detect if you have the Cloud or Premium version installed on the device. If you do, a file transfer icon will appear at the lower right of the editing screen.

If you don't, download the latest Cloud version here:

Tap on the icon and you will see a list of your current projects, select the projects and tap the button below to start transferring.

Once the projects are successfully compressed, a pop-up window will appear. Find Animation Desk Cloud and tap on it to complete the transfer.

Done! Animation Desk Cloud should be automatically opened and your projects should be there.

If you still encounter issues during the process, please contact us at appservice@kdanmobile.comand we'll get in touch shortly.

Happy Animating!

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