How to Export to Anizone

Note: Anizone is an exclusive community for Animation Desk’s users. You can log in with your YouTube account to watch and collect masterpieces from other animators.

On the all projects list

1. Right-click on the file you want to upload, Export> AniZone.
△Attention: The animation should be longer than 1 second in length and has at least 12 frames at 11FPS for YouTube submission.

2. Log in with your YouTube/ kdan account.

3. You can find your ID and your own animation works at the upper column.

4. If you want to check your collection, tap “My collection”.

5. You can choose to…


  • Play an animation
  • Add an animation to your collection
  • “Like” an animation.
  • “Dislike” an animation.
  • Comment on an animation
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